SATPAK-104PLUS-GBGRAM Datasheet (In pdf Format)

The SATPAK-104PLUS has been redesigned to accommodate a GPS module that incorporates Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) technology for military applications.  The redesigned version of the SATPAK-104PLUS is designated the SATPAK-104PLUS-GBGRAM and will accept a Rockwell-Collins Ground-Based GPS Receiver Applications Module (GB-GRAM) module as a daughter-card.  The combination of the SATPAK carrier and the GB-GRAM occupy one location in a PC/104 stack. 

The SATPAK-104PLUS-GBGRAM communicates with the COM1 communication channel of the GB-GRAM receiver by using a 16550 universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (UART).  The UART converts the serial CMOS data required by the GPS receiver to parallel data required by the PC/104 protocol.  Simple low-profile push-on jumpers are used to configure the SATPAK-104PLUS for standard base addresses (COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4) and any of the available bus interrupt lines (IRQ3-IRQ7, IRQ10-IRQ12, IRQ14, or IRQ15).  The J2 pass-through connector option must be installed to access interrupt request signals IRQ10-IRQ12, IRQ14, and IRQ15.  Custom programmable logic is available if the user must decode base addresses other than those supported by the standard serial communication addresses.  A linear regulator provides the 3.3 VDC required by the GB-GRAM.  An on-board rechargeable lithium battery is used to preserve cryptovariables, maintain the low-power time source, and maintain non-volatile RAM.  A two-contact latching connector is provided if an external battery source is desired. 

A 10-pin header is provided to access additional communication and timing signals on the GB-GRAM.  The COM2 and bi-directional data port (BDDP) transmit and receive signals from the GB-GRAM are available on right-angle header P3.  The COM2 and BDDP signals are converted from CMOS to RS-232 voltage levels.  Additionally, RS-232 signal levels for COM1 are available on right-angle connector P3.  A HAVEQUICK output and COM1 time pulse output originating on the GB-GRAM are also available on header P3. 

Two separate 5-contact latching connectors located on the component-side of the SATPAK-104PLUS-GBGRAM are provided for DS-101 and DS-102 key fill ports.  DS-101 and DS-102 signals are directly routed to the GB-GRAM without interruption or connection to any other component.  A discrete zeroize signal is routed to the P3 header.   The zeroize signal is also directly routed to the GB-GRAM without interruption or connection to any other component.