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Product Specification Sheet (In pdf Format)

The SGA has been redesigned to accommodate daughter-card GPS modules that incorporate Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing (SAASM) technology for military applications.  The redesigned version of the SGA is designated the SGA-SAASM and will accept either the Rockwell-Collins Ground-Based GPS Receiver Applications Module (GB-GRAM) or the Trimble FORCE22 module. 

The SGA and GPS module combination has limited value unless a housing is used to enclose the assembly.  Two types of enclosures are used by Zeli Systems to house the SGA/GPS assembly; a standard enclosure designated (ENC) and a water-tight enclosure designated (WT).  Both versions of the enclosure are intended to slide into a larger chassis similar to how a removable hard-drive slides into a desktop computer chassis.  The enclosure is then secured using two captive thumb-screw fasteners located on the front-panel of the unit.   

Each enclosure incorporates three front-panel connectors and one rear-panel connector.  The rear-panel connector is a 24-pin Centronics style connector that engages with a mating connector located in a larger chassis.  This connector provides power to the unit and allows communication with any of the three communication channels of the GPS module.  The rear-connector is in the Host Application Equipment (HAE) boundary but not in the GPS Security Boundary.  The front-panel incorporates an antenna connector, a Key-Fill connector, and a D-Subminiature (DB-15) connector.   The antenna connector is in the HAE boundary but not in the GPS Security Boundary.  The Key-Fill Connector and the DB-15 connectors are located in the GPS Security Boundary as well as the HAE Boundary.  The DB15 connector provides access to the three communication channels of the GPS module and also provides access to a discrete zeroize signal.  Dust covers are provided for each of the front-panel connectors.  A mating back-shell/connector assembly is provided that engages the front-panel serial connector and incorporates a momentary switch to enable rapid zeroization of the GB-GRAM.