Product Specification Sheet (In pdf Format)

        The SATPAK-MG is a PCB carrier board that provides a convenient interface for the Rockwell Collins MicroGRAM GPS Receiver.   The MicroGRAM contains a Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM).  The MicroGRAM utilizes two independent serial ports at CMOS levels for communication.  The SATPAK-MG provides CMOS to RS-232 level translation for each communication channel.  A jumper on the SATPAK-MG allows the user to select CMOS or RS-232 signal levels for each channel.  The MicroGRAM generates a 1 pulse per second (1PPS) output at CMOS levels that the SATPAK-MG provides on the interface connector.  The MicroGRAM also supports a 1PPS input that is available on the SATPAK-MG interface connector.  The MicroGRAM uses DS-101 and DS-102 keyload signals at CMOS levels.  The SATPAK-MG provides CMOS to RS232 level conversion for the DS101 signals.  The SATPAK-MG also provides signal level conversion for the DS-102 keyload signals. The SATPAK-MG/MicroGRAM combination can operate from a 3.3 VDC or 5.0 VDC power source.  The auxiliary voltage to the MicroGRAM is input via the SATPAK-MG interface connector.