Product Specification Sheet (In pdf Format)


The SGA-SAASM-JPADS-REVC00 meets specifications for the U.S. Army JPADS program and is designed to operate with a guidance unit associated with a cargo parachute system.  The same product can be used in any application that has a rugged SAASM-based requirement.  A one-piece extruded aluminum body provides mechanical rigidity and protection for the internal GB-GRAM and associated interface circuitry.  Internal grooves extruded into the walls of the one-piece extrusion provide full-length support for the PCB mounted within the SGA-SAASM-JPADS-REVC00.  Stainless steel stand-offs secured to the base of the unit provide added support for the internal PCB.  Tapered guide pins attached to the rear combinational DSUB connector provide a self-alignment capability with a floating mating connector.